Expertise at The Intersection of Law, Business and People

Navigating Transactions, Resolving Disputes, Accelerating Success

MAIN Practice Areas

An attorney should be a problem solver, providing legal counsel that advances your business’s strategic and commercial objectives.

Outside General Counsel

A General Counsel should be a key business advisor, not just a legal technician. With decades of experience as an executive and advisor for fast-growing companies, I help businesses navigate legal complexities, negotiate and close transactions, and achieve their strategic goals.

Services include:

  • General Legal Counsel
  • Customer & Vendor Agreements
  • Employment Matters
  • Corporate Governance
  • Private Equity and Debt Financings
  • Commercial Transactions

Corporate & Transactional Services

I have spent many years working inside technology companies, as both an attorney and a manager, so I understand what it takes to build and grow a business. I approach transactions with a commercial mindset, working closely with clients to provide practical legal advice and solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner to get deals closed. I work with companies at every stage – from formation to exit – and in a broad range of industries.

Services include:

  • Data Center Leasing
  • M&A
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • Debt Financings
  • Joint Venture & Partnership
  • Commercial Transactions

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

I help clients involved in business disputes spanning a wide range of industries and legal issues, from contract disputes to copyright infringement. Most business conflicts can – and should – be resolved without the emotional and financial costs of litigation. When litigation is unavoidable, it should be initiated with clear goals and a thoughtful strategy. I have deep experience in complex commercial litigation – not only as a trial attorney and expert witness, but also as a litigant – so I truly understand the client’s perspective. 

Services include:

About Andrew Gold

In my 30-year career, I’ve consistently delivered insightful, strategic legal counsel underpinned by years of practical business leadership. This unique blend of skills enables me to navigate complex commercial landscapes with clarity and confidence. From co-founding a mobile software startup to the leadership team of a national data center company, my journey seamlessly marries legal expertise with business acumen, offering more than just advice— I provide actionable resolutions.

Tech Expertise: Having co-founded tech companies and served as in-house legal counsel roles for both tech ventures and VC funds, I possess an intricate understanding of the tech landscape, helping clients navigate its intricacies with practical legal guidance.

Transactions: My tenure at Infomart Data Centers, culminating as the General Counsel and SVP of Corporate Development, saw the company grow into a powerhouse with two million+ sq. ft. and an exit that surpassed $1.3 billion. My experience includes over $4 billion in transactions, including M&A, private equity investments, debt financings, data center leasing, construction and development agreements, and venture capital investments.

Business Insight: My experience as an entrepreneur and business leader has honed my ability to focus sharply on commercial, financial, and strategic objectives. This insight enables me to prioritize cost-effective and strategically sound solutions for my clients. In addition, my firsthand experience with “civil” litigation in the business realm has given me a unique perspective on its inefficiencies.

Global Experience: From building businesses in the US to developing consumer applications for mobile phones in Malta, my journey has spanned continents and industries, empowering tech companies to rise and thrive.

Advocacy & Communication: As a former competitive debater and debate coach at Stanford University, I recognize the power of advocacy and communication. I have used these skills in the courtroom as a trial lawyer and an expert witness. My commitment to these values extends to my service as the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Silicon Valley Urban Debate League (SVUDL).

My specializations include data centers, technology start-ups, M&A, equity and debt financings, commercial transactions, business dispute resolution, and litigation.