Life Insurance Litigation

Life Insurance Beneficiary Disputes and Litigation Services

Navigating the complexities of life insurance beneficiary disputes is a key focus of our legal services. Our experienced attorneys specialize in resolving conflicts arising from life insurance policies, particularly in cases involving beneficiary designation disputes.

Undue Influence and Vulnerable Policy Owners

A frequent scenario we encounter involves allegations of undue influence in life insurance beneficiary changes. These cases often arise when the policy owner is elderly or medically impaired, and it’s alleged that someone exerted undue influence to alter the beneficiary designation. Our legal team is adept at handling these sensitive cases, ensuring that the rights and intentions of the policy owner are upheld.

Contractual Obligations and Beneficiary Designations

We also frequently deal with situations where a life insurance policy owner fails to update their beneficiary in accordance with contractual agreements. A common example is when an individual is required to name a former spouse as the beneficiary as part of a marital settlement agreement but fails to do so. Our legal expertise in contract law and life insurance policies positions us to effectively address these disputes, striving for resolutions that honor the original intent of all parties involved.


Andrew Gold, Esq.