California Estate Planning Malpractice

Understanding California Estate Planning Malpractice: Key Concerns

California Estate planning malpractice is a significant issue that can lead to complex legal disputes and emotional distress for families. As a leading provider of legal services in estate planning, I address some of the most critical concerns surrounding this topic:

  1. Fulfillment of the Deceased’s Wishes: Was the will drafted in accordance with the deceased’s intentions? My goal is to ensure thorough evaluation and execution of wills, respecting the final wishes of your loved ones.
  2. Estate and Income Tax Implications: Did the attorney adequately consider the estate tax and income tax ramifications? I offer comprehensive advice on minimizing tax burdens in estate planning.
  3. Exploring All Estate Planning Options: Was comprehensive guidance provided to choose the best estate plan? I believe in educating my clients about all available options to tailor the most effective estate plans.
  4. Legally Sound Will Execution: Was the will executed correctly, adhering to legal standards? I meticulously oversee the execution of wills, ensuring legal validity and reducing disputes.
  5. Insurance Trusts for Life Insurance: Is life insurance effectively managed through an insurance trust? I will guide you in setting up insurance trusts to optimize financial benefits and security.
  6. Preventing Litigation Due to Malpractice: Has careless or negligent estate planning led to litigation? I specialize in resolving disputes and rectifying issues stemming from estate planning malpractice.


Each case is unique, and as a result, I, Andrew Gold, offer flexible fee arrangements, including hourly and contingency basis options, to accommodate your financial situation. I am committed to providing personalized, empathetic legal support tailored to the specific needs of each client. With my expertise in California estate law, I strive to deliver results that align with your expectations and legal goals.

Prospective clients are welcome to contact me for a no-obligation consultation at (650) 450-9600. Let’s work together to safeguard your interests and ensure your peace of mind in estate planning matters.


Andrew Gold, Esq.